Little Nirvana Things
water-you-dern:  This is just beautiful. I love you for this. <3

Thank you so much, we really appreciate it :)

twolostsoulsinafishbowl-deactiv:  This blog gives me faith in life. :') Nirvana is my absolute favorite band, and I love you for making this blog.

thank you so much, sweetheart :’)

cocainnosejob-deactivated201304:  This is the best Tumblr EVER <3

thank you, love ♥

thelifelessordinary:  I love this blog so bloody much. And when I went to leave this in your ask box and it said "Hey, wait, I got a new compliant" I fell in love a little bit more! YOU ARE WONDERFUL. Keep this blog up forever please.

fhjshfd; thank you so much :’) this just literally made my day.